Many students come to Irymple Secondary with little or no experience of Drama at school and certainly of formal Drama lessons. Therefore, students lack the self discipline and appropriate attitudes necessary for successful learning in Drama.

The units for year 7 will establish firmly in students’ minds the purpose of learning Drama, including those of team building, social skills, communication and the exploration of issues as well as the development of acting skills.

The units seeks to establish rules with the Drama room and Drama lessons, thereby establishing the appropriate attitudes for effective teaching and learning.

The unit also seeks to establish interest in, and the enjoyment of Drama, whist stilling into students the need for discipline in Drama activities.

The unit will introduce students to basic terms and skills, such as audience awareness , voice projection, dictions, stage gesture. This will be achieved through simple Drama activities, including games, simple acting activities and voice skills.

Welcome to Year 7 Drama

Drama is a fun subject that can help you to develop confidence and teamwork.  During your studies of Drama, we will be focusing on a range of topics, including Mime and Improvisation.  Rowan Atkinson, who plays the character Mr Bean, is a good example of how these techniques can work effectively to communicate without using words.  Click on the link below to view some of his work.

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